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Foreigners’ stay and work right on the Romanian territory

Disponibilitate: Disponibil Comanda

ISBN: ISBN-CF-123457

Nr. Pagini: 165 pagini

Format: 16,5 x 23,5 cm

Data aparitiei: 2008

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Compared to the Romanian language version, the present act includes the up-dates given by the Law no. 347 / 2007 for the approval of G.E.O. no. 55/2007 ... [Official Gazette no. 851from the 12th of December 2007 ]

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Last pages presents, Order no. 310 / 2008 regarding the List of the states whose citizens need to fulfill the invitation procedure for the granting of the short-stay visas in order to enter Romania’s territory

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  • foreigners’ regime in romania
  • romanian office for immigrations
  • secondment of employees in a member state of the e.u. (or of the european area)
  • employment of employees, who are not romanian citizens or citizens of any other member state of the e.u.

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